Established in May 1996, ELEC-TECH INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. (abbreviated as ELEC-TECH) is mainly engaged in the design, production and sale of intelligent home appliances. The company was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2004 with the share code being 002005 and was one of the first eight enterprises listed out of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Board.

After ten years' development, ELEC-TECH has now become one of the largest and leading manufacturers of small home appliances in the world and has set up three major production bases in Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Shenzhen, with a total area of 500,000 square meters, a total staff of 10,000 and an annual output of 35 million sets of various small home appliances. The main products of the company, i.e. fully automatic computer-controlled bread maker, toaster oven, deep fryer, have secured a big market share in Europe and USA, and rank the first in market share in North America.

ELEC-TECH has in its possession over 500 patented technologies and is a leading innovator of the industry, e.g. it invented the world's first fully plastic bread maker, the world's first DC motor-driven fast-roast bread maker, the world's first infrawave oven and the world's first automatic constant temperature outdoor electronic grill, etc.

While establishing its position of main OEM/ODM supplier of small home appliances in the world and occupying a large share in international market, ELEC-TECH started to develop extensively the domestic market. It owns 2 well-known brands, i.e. ACA and P.H.S. ACA has now become one of the fastest-growing brands in domestic market of small home appliances. In 2006, the series of P.H.S health products with independent intellectual property made the official debut, symbolizing that the company entered the intelligent home appliances market.

In 2006, ELEC-TECH had a turnover of US 300 million dollars. The company will make its best endeavor to accomplish an annual turnover of one billion US dollars in five years, laying a solid foundation for becoming ˇ§a supplier of intelligent home appliances with the strongest global competitivenessˇ¨.



Date Event
1996.5 Establishment of China Resources Electrical Appliances (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
1999.12 Establishment of Vesta Electrical Appliance Manufacturing (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
2000.7 Qualified as Guangdong High & New-Tech Enterprise
2001.10 Establishment of Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd.
2003.2 Recognized as ˇ§Outstanding Private Enterpriseˇ¨ by Guangdong Government
2004.6 IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange
2004.8 Acquisition of Durable Manufacturing Ltd.
2005 Company achieved over US$350 millions turnover